Porthollandia is a Chamber of Commerce between the Netherlands and Portugal focused on the possibilities to establish a relationship between the two countries which ensue a long history.

It is a group of entrepreneurs and companies from various areas, which have the intention to take new leaps forward with a new vision.



Porthollandia is the physical presence in the Netherlands of the Portuguese commercial interests and the point of contact for Dutch and Portuguese investors. Entrepreneurs, institutions, companies and organizations from Portugal, The Netherlands and regions which combine the two countries together.



PortHollandia is the product of a dream, a port for the Portuguese in the Netherlands, designed by Marisa Monteiro Borsboom who joined forces with a Dutch entrepreneur Diana Oord to create a project that, while focused on commerce and business, pays attention to communities themselves in both countries and around the globe, where their diaspora are located and even where their language is influenced.

Stepping into the Hague-Rotterdam area which is in the heart of the Randstad, Marisa M. Borsboom then established the embryo of what would become PortHollandia. Unconsciously followed the example of the relationship between Porto (her hometown) and Rotterdam, which in 2001 hosted the European Capital of Culture, giving rise to partnerships such as the Casa da Música, contemporary symbol of Porto, built for the event and designed by architecture. Koolhas Dutch OMA.

Over time the two entrepreneurs have come to realize in depth the challenges of working between the two territories, and of the potential that cultural and business differences have in order to become real investment opportunities.

The physical presence in both territories and the accumulated expertise assisted in bringing new actors and partners, in a path that in 2019 culminates in the formalization of the Chamber of Commerce between the Netherlands and Portugal.

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